Pressure Filters and Systems

Filters for improving oil cleanliness

The requirements on new automatic transmission generations according to efficiency, convenience and environmental sustainability are constantly growing.
These demands are met by developing new, more complex and thus more sensitive systems and material combinations ( e.g. DCT, CVT resp. rising no. of gears in automatic transmissions).

As specialists for filtration systems we contribute to these developments by offering modern conceptions to improve the oil cleanliness.
One possible solution is the use of pressure filters which are specially adjusted to our suction filters.

These complete filtration systems consisting of suction, as well as pressure filters are already successfully used in double clutch ( DCT ) and continuously variable ( CVT ) transmissions.
We are specialized in the production of pressure filter elements made of plastic.
This enables us to satisfy the demands for an integration of additional functions, weight optimization, and solutions for an easy waste disposal.