Our Skills


Filter performance simulation

The CFD software SuFiS®, specially developed for the simulation of filter performance, is used in daily operation to determine the expected pressure losses, velocity distributions and efficiencies of filter systems. It is thus also used for the continuous optimization of the systems.

On a virtual basis, the influence of different oils, filter media and shapes (single-layer, pocket, pleated, Smart Media® and CombiMedia®), temperatures, flow rates, loading conditions and geometry changes can be determined. This data gives the customer the opportunity to optimize his overall system at an early stage of development.


Construction refinement

The prototype produced according to the 3D CAD data set is tested in the IBS Filtran laboratory and in parallel by the customer. The knowledge gained in these tests is also used to refine the design before series production begins under constant, strict quality control.


ISO standard quality

Our products are used by all well-known European automotive manufacturers in their vehicles. Development, project management and production according to IATF 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, ensure continuous quality and satisfaction of our customers.